The Lake

Carp Quarry is a very old deep granite quarry which closed in 1938 and now fills from underground springs. This 3 acre lake truly is one of the most unusual stunning fishing venues in France. To the far side of the lake rising from the water are 100 ft granite cliffs which are home to many birds of prey. The swims are along one side of the lake which have been excavated to make large comfortable swims where it is possible to cast over to the overhanging trees on the cliff face opposite. The lake which is set in its own grounds has a large lockable gated entrance. You can park your car within the lake complex giving you total privacy. No permits are required and fishing is permitted day and night. We recommend 4 persons fishing but can accomodate up to 6. The lake is very deep with mainly a rock and gravel bottom with a few silty areas.

We have just stocked in excess of a ton of fish supplied by a local fish farmer in the winter of 2008. The smallest of these fish being 23lb up to the mid 40's with the average fish being nearly 30lb. These are the quick growing large framed royal strain mainly mirrors with a few common, to compliment the existing fish stocks. The lake was stocked with carp and trout by the previous owner in 1995 but was only fished for trout up until the year 2000, since then it has been left untouched. The lake dates back to 1938 when it stopped production as a quarry. It holds a good head of wild carp as well as the original mirrors and commons which we know very little about but have heard stories about monster commons. We have seen one of them that looked in excess of 50lb, so the lake may produce one or two surprises. There are also very nice trout, rudd and perch with the odd large pike. There are crayfish in the lake but these do not cause a problem to the fishing as the large carp eat them as soon as they appear.

Swim One

Swim 1 is out on a peak at the East side of the lake there are trees to the right of the swim and treelined cliff face to the left and the far side, the swim gently slopes outwards from a few feet down to 15ft on the far side in the centre of the swim it sharply falls away to the right down to 25ft.

Swim Two

Swim 2 has a large overhanging tree to the left this is a very deep swim with 25ft to 30ft of water immediately in front of you dropping down to 45ft to 50ft in the middle and shallowing up to 20ft on the treelined cliff face opposite.

Swim Three

Swim 3 is a very communicative swim where you can talk to persons in swims 2 and 4, there is 20ft of water immdeiately infront of you dropping down to 45ft a third of the way across the lake rising again to 35ft two-thirds of the way across the lake and shallowing up to 20ft on the far cliff face.

Swim Four

Swim 4 has large overhanging trees to the right with 20ft of water immediatey infront of you dropping down like swim 3 to 45ft a third of the way and rising to 35ft two-thirds of the way with 30ft of water on the cliff face opposite.

Swim Five

Swim 5 s a large double swim that has large overhanging trees to the left and right of the swim, the bank on the righthand side before swim 6 is only accessible from this swim. There is 10ft to 15ft of water in front of you with 15ft on the righthand side, most of the open water in front is 35ft deep shallowing to 25ft deep on the opposite cliffs.

Swim Six

Swim 6 is halfway round the West bank gving you access to the South-West bay, there is immediately 15ft to 20ft of water in front of you with 35ft of water in the middle of the bay, the cliff face margins around the bay are 20ft to 25ft deep.