Latest Catch at Carp Quarry

This is Luke with the new junior Carp quarry record, After a epic battle on his Carp fishing trip he ended up landing this 50lb8oz monster carp, Luke with a 50lb Mirror Carp caught on swim five.

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New Junior Record

We now have a new junior record at 50lb8oz landed by Luke in July 2017 This monster carp was fell to lake boilies and pellet.

Top catches so far for 2017

So here are the top Catches of 2017.

1st Tom 52lb8oz new lake record swim 2 on Lake boilies and pellet July 2017.

2nd Luke 50lb8oz new junior record swim 4 on lake boilies and pellet July 2017

3rd Marc Twaite 47lb swim 1 on Pukka squirrel baits April 2017.

4th Jahan Van Rijswijk 45lb swim 5 on Krill dumbbell on a bed of Carpquarry pellet August 2017.

5th Marcs Group 43lb swim 4 on Pukka Squirrel baits April 2017.

6th Craig Woodcock 42lb 6oz swim 5 on a bed of lake baits

The average fish weight for 2016 was over 36lb with most fish being caught on lake baits, Fishing for 2017 has been hard going but has seen some great catches and stunning fish landed watch this space. So far we have a new Lake record at 52lb8oz and a new junior record at 50lb8oz. That's 3 different 50s that have been landed but we still think there are quite a few more to be landed.

New Lake Record 5/7/2017

Some people are just lucky Tom has managed to have his Honeymoon with us at Carpquarry ( Don't know how he managed that ) Then the first fish he catches is a new PB for him and a new lake record at 52lb8oz from swim 2 with a topped of snowman boilie rig with lake boilies on a bed of lake pellet. Well done Tom .

Top Catches of 2016

So here are the top Catches of 2016.

1st Jean-mi 51 lb swim 2 on Rookwood baits Feb 2016.

2nd Marc Twaite 46lb10oz swim 4 on Pukka squirrel baits Oct 2016.

3rd Dane Young 45lb12oz swim 1 on Monster baits pop up Aug 2016.

4th Laura King 45lb swim 2 on Rookwood baits Feb 2016.

5th Pim Duivenvoorde 44lb swim 4 Carpquarry baits May 2016.

The average fish weight for 2016 was 36lb with most fish being caught on lake baits, Fishing for 2016 has seen some great catches and stunning fish landed.

Round up of 2015

What a fantastic year again at Carpquarry, there was no record broken this year but we have seen so many different low 40s banked almost one every week adding up to about 20 different fish in the low 40s range put on the bank,. There was also a few different very large fish lost at the net with size estimates to 60lb lets hope they get banked in 2016. The average fish size for 2015 was just over 35lb with very few fish less than 25lb just one or two Commons around the 20lb mark. Due to a few website problems we have not been able to do catch reports but all is well now and we will start getting some new photos on the site. You can also follow use on facebook at .Carpquarry Facebook Page

We are now taking bookings for 2016 and doing the special rate of only £800 exclusive for a week with upto 4 people, So I look forward to meeting you in 2016 get your self booked in. Tight lines.

Public Fishing France

Have you ever wanted to fish the Public waters of France? Then why not have a week at Carpquarry followed by a week on a Public Lake. New directory of Public Lakes and rivers of France .Public Fishing France
State of the arc interactive mapping system and free for anglers to use.
Also a fantastic place to have an advert for your Gite or B&B to attract angling clients all year round.

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Carpquarry Challenge 2014

2 X 40s in 2 hours

Paul Richards from Ware in his recent holiday to Carpquarry was on a quest to try and catch a 40 plus carp, He has been to other lake many times and failed. Carpquarry came good for Paul when he landed his first at 40lb8oz elated Paul was still buzzing when the same rod on the same spot ripped away again just 2 hours later and this time it was a 41lb8oz Mirror. Well done Paul and good angling , just shows you dreams do come true at Carpquarry.

More records broken at Carp quarry

The Common Record has gone again with Mike Stack's group landing a 39lb8oz Common on w/c 28/6/2014 on lake baits.
Also well done to Aaron Spilling ( w/c 19/7/14 ) who has broken the most fish landed in a week by one angler. Aaron landed 18 fish upto 42lb and that was without even fishing nights.
Also well done to Jeff Valk from Belgium ( w/c 26/7/14 ) who landed a Mirror at 46lb8oz a new PB for him and lake record.
Watch this space records are being broken almost every week, we know there are still much bigger fish in the lake.

New Common Carp Lake record

This year 2014 we have seen a new Common carp lake record landed at 39lb8oz from Mike Stacks group w/c 28/6/2014 on Scopex squid and red robin boilie on a bed of lake pellet from swim 4.

Top 5 Fish of 2014

Below we have put together a list of the top 5 fish landed in 2014 starting from May and running to the end of the year. This list will be updated weekly as the fish are caught.

1st Jeff Valk w/c 26/7/14 Mirror swim 4, 46lb8oz LR Scopex, squid & red robin popup boilie tipped with plastic corn on a bed of lake pellet.

2nd Steve Head w/c 4/10/14 Mirror swim 2 44lb8oz equinox boilie capped with plastic corn on a bed of lake pellet.

3rd Jeff Cox w/c 3/8/14 Mirror swim 5 44lb Scopex, squid & red robin with yellow pineapple pop up on a bed of lake pellet.

4th Aaron w/c 19/7/14 Mirror swim 4 42lb Scopex, squid and red robin with plastic corn.

5th Paul Richards w/c 23/9/14 Mirror swim 5 41lb 8oz Scopex, squid and red robin on lake pellet.

Best Common so far is 39lb8oz LR landed by Mike Stack group from swim 4 w/c 28/6/14 on a Scopex, squid and red robin boilie on a bed of lake pellet.

Taking every carp caught the average caught fish size is 34lb to 35lb.

Carp of 45lb plus 2%
Carp of 40lb to 45lb 6%
Carp of 35lb to 40lb 35%
Carp of 30lb to 35lb 30%
Carp of 25lb to 30lb 15%
Carp of 20lb to 25lb 10%
Carp under 20lb 2%

Bespoke Bobbins

Have a look at Bespoke Bobbins website for tailor made bobbins for all your Carp Fishing needs.Bespoke Bobbins
Get the Bespoke look on the bank.

2 x 45lb carp in 2 days.

James and Tom are doing well on there second visit to Carpquarry in the shape of 2 x 45lb Carp in two days.
First James with a 45lb8oz lake record and new pb and the following day Tom with a new pb at 44lb12oz. Well done guys.

Prices Slashed for 2014 Exclusive Holiday.

Yes you have read it right, We are slashing the price for 2014 holidays so book NOW.
Exclusive use of house and lake for 4 anglers or less Just £800 a week.

Top 5 Fish of 2013

Below we have put together a list of the top 5 fish landed in 2013 starting from April and running to the end of the year. This list will be updated weekly as the fish are caught.

1st James 23/7/13 Mirror swim 4 45lb8oz Scopex, squid & red robin boilie on a bed of lake pellet.(Lake Record)

2nd Tom 24/7/13 Mirror swim 5 44lb12oz Peach & black pepper boilie on a bed of lake pellet.

3rd Thierry 25/4/13 Mirror swim 5 41lb8oz fishy boilie.

4th Thierry 25/4/13 Mirror swim 5 40lb12oz fishy boilie.

5th Thierry 25/4/13 Mirror swim 5 38lb12oz fishy boilie.

Best Common so far is Scott on 9th August 2013 at 10am with a new lake record at 37lb on a Scopex, squid and red robin boilie on a bed of lake pellet.

Taking every carp caught the average caught fish size is 34lb. Updated 18th Aug 2013. The real average once we start getting a few catch reports in will be higher because the smaller fish get caught more often than the bigger ones.

Carp of 45lb plus 2%
Carp of 40lb to 45lb 12%
Carp of 35lb to 40lb 34%
Carp of 30lb to 35lb 36%
Carp of 25lb to 30lb 12%
Carp of 20lb to 25lb 4%
Carp under 20lb 0%

Full of Tips for Carpquarry

So many tips on fishing in clear water, watch this video and you will catch you so many more fish on your holiday at Carpquarry.

A couple of good carp fishing mags

Have a look at Crafty Carper Mag onlineCraftycarper Carp Fishing online mag
One of the best carp fishing mags for the carp angler.

Also why not have a look at Carptalk mag online
Carptalk online carp fishing mag
Great for all the latest catch reports.

Carpworld is another one well worth a lookCarp World
All about the world Carp fishing scene.

Quick Data Check

Hardness Rating - Moderate.
Size - 3 Acres / 6 swims.
Anglers - 4/5 max.
Ave fish size - 32lb+.
Max fish size - 60lb.
Stock - 120 fish plus original old stock.
Lake Type - Deep crystal clear water.
Lake Bed - Mainly Rock and gravel.
Depths - 15ft - 35ft
Best Fishing Tip - Use Flourocarbon line
Best Fishing Locations - Under your rod tip or very tight to the far side.
Baitboats allowed and very helpful.
Accomadation - 3 Bedroom House , sleeps 7/8.
Price - from £1000,
Booking type - Exclusive use only.

A few of the 2012 Carpquarry highlights

Alan returning his new PB Mirror of 43lb

Marc & Callum 16/6/12

If you are thinking of coming to Carpquarry watch this video as I think it gives a true insight into the lake from independent anglers.

Top 5 Best Fish of 2012

Below we have put together a list of the top 5 fish landed in 2012 starting from April and running to the end of the year. This list will be updated weekly as the fish are caught.

Number 1 Alan Bell w/c 15/9/12 in swim 5 far side Mirror 43lb in morning on tigernut & mapel popup on a bed of lake pellet

Number 2 Callum Mcinerney w/c 16/6/12 in swim 4 Mirror 42lb12oz caught in the early hours on Nash Squidies.

Number 3 Rob Patchley w/c 28/5/12 in swim 2 Mirror 41lb11oz caught at early hours on lakes boilies & pellet.

Number 4 Jamie Lee w/c 20/10/12 in swim 5 Mirror 40lb caught in the day on A1 boilies on a bed of lake pellet.

Number 5 Rob Patchley w/c 28/5/12 in swim 2 Mirror 39lb15oz caught am on lakes boilies & pellet.

Largest Common so far this year is James w/c 14/7/12 in swim 5 on lakes boilies & pellet James broke the lake record Common twice on his visit first with a fish at 34lb6oz then 35lb7oz

Taking every carp caught the average caught fish size is 32.35lb. Updated end of 2012. The real average will be higher but the smaller fish get caught more often than the bigger ones. Once again none of the biggest Carpquarry girls were landed,someone soon must get one of the big girls out.

Carp of 45lb plus 0%
Carp of 40lb to 45lb 6%
Carp of 35lb to 40lb 34%
Carp of 30lb to 35lb 37%
Carp of 25lb to 30lb 17%
Carp of 20lb to 25lb 5%
Carp under 20lb 1%

Sky TV

Just to let you all know we now have Sky telly in the gite / house with all the freeview channels, You can also always bring your card with you and watch your paid for channels.


Carpforum is a very active forum where you can chat, ask and answer questions about anything to do with carp fishing in the UK or France

Total Carp Fishing Magazine

Total Carp Fishing
Total Carp Fishing Magazine is one of the best genral carp fishing mags for all Carp anglers.

Advanced Carp Fishing Mag

Advanced Carp Fishing
One of the best carp fishing mags for the advanced carp angler.

E Directory

Free Link Directory and Article Resources

Carp Quarry Rules

Just so it is easy to find we have put the link here aswell at the bottom of each page to view the Carpquarry rules. As regards hooks we allow barbless or micro barbed hooks.
Carp Quarry Rules
If you are unsure about any rules please call or email us.

Carpquarry Facebook page

Carp-Fishing-Carpquarry Why not go to our facebook page where you can ask questions and chat with other anglers who want to visit of have been carp fishing at carpquarry

Go Carping The home of Carp fishing

Go Carping - The Home of Carp Fishing. We have everything for the beginner or expert carp angler alike. Read our carp fishing articles that offer helpful tips and advice on a range of carp fishing

info and anything else you want try this link

A Big Dir

A autum days fishing at Carpquarry

Well worth a look at

AngloINFO<br />

Early Carp quarry blog

The early Carp fishing days

I started carp fishing in the 1970s inspired by fishermen like Chris Yates , Richard Walker , Fred Buller and John Wilson reading about them catching big carp from carp fishing lakes like Redmire where we used carp fishing tackle like Abu Garcia , Mitchell , Daiwa , Optonic and Hardy. Angling has come a long way now with most big fish being caught on boilies and not just a bit of bread flake, meat or corn. Fishing tackle has also come a long way, now we use things like Shimano bait runners and Daiwa big pit reels and fishing rods from Greys,Fox, Shimano,Nash, we also use things like baitboats from guys like Viper , Microcat and waverunner with bite indication by Fox Micron and Delkim. End tackle from Korda and the home comforts like bivvies, beds and chairs from JSB, Chub and Wychwood All these items have helped in getting large carp on the bank.

Birth of French Carping

From the 1980s the bigger carp came from France and French carp fishing started to take off and the carp fishing holiday in France was born with the bigger fish being caught on French lakes. Angling holidays in France are now very popular with most anglers wanting to go on a carp fishing holiday every year to France. I myself have been on a few after the monster carp.

My love of Fishing

With my interest in fishing I also sold carp fishing tackle on Ebay together with vintage fishing tackle and fishing books including many carp fishing books. I have met a lot of carp anglers over the years and have picked up a lot of fishing tips.

Carping Heros

These days all the new carp fishing heroes like Matt Hayes , Jim Shelley , Ian Chillcott , Kevin Nash , Terry Herne,Dave Lane and Danny Fairbrass tend to have their own tackle lines and some have their own carp lake in France like Nash resorts.

The Carp just keep on growing

These days the carp are just getting bigger and bigger, back in the 1970s it was rare for anybody to catch a 30lb plus fish but now most good Carp lakes in the UK have at least one in and the UK record will just go up and up, now in France I think there will be a 100lb Carp caught in the next couple of years. The main two things that have done this is, first of all the water quality is getting better and better and also the baits that we use and feed the fish we have to thank the bait boys for this, people like Mainline with there range like cell, CC Moore, Ocean Fresh and Dynamite Baits. This is good news as you will always have a chance of upping your PB.

The birth of Carp Quarry

Anyway after watching the TV programme where Kevin set up Clearwaterlakes and going on a few carp fishing holidays in France where I have to say without too much joy I decided to open my own carp fishing lake in France called Carpquarry in Brittany France where we have tried to set up a French carp fishing lake where you stand a good chance of catching a few large lumps as I think most carp fishermen want to go home from there holiday with a big carp of 30lb+ under their belt. We have set up a great fishery where you stand a good chance of catching the fish of your dreams. If you are thinking of coming to Carp quarry it is one of the most stunning exclusive carp fishing holiday venues in France where you should catch some big Fat carp. Keep an eye on the website for the latest updated and catch reports there will also be a few videos from Youtube.

Gareth set a new record for the most Carp landed in a week by one angler

Well done to Gareth who has set a new Carpquarry record in landing the most carp in a week by one angler, in fact he did it in less than 5 days fishing with a total of 17 carp landed and he also lost 5. His best fish was a new PB for him at 39lb10oz and the smallest was still over 20lb. Gareth was fishing the far bay of swim 6 from peg 5 using the A Bait from Jason Ryder at

A couple of new records at Carpqarry for the guys fishing w/c 23/4/11

Well done to Gary,Paul, John and Ken in setting a couple of new records at Carpquarry. First of John with landing the most carp in a week the record is now 13 fish , in fact it was 6 days with a few fish lost his best fish was a stunning 39lb mirror all in swim 1 also well done to Paul in swim 5 with a 32lb Common.

Snag clearance

This week (w/c 18/9/10)we have Alan and wife Lesley with us who are friends of ours, they are mixing a bit of fishing with a bit of diving clearing snags, We have cleared out alot of wood from the lake but not as much as we had expected it does appear that one of the reasons that so many people loose so many fish is because of the rocks and boulders that have fallen in from the cliffs over the years are cutting lines and also fishermen are getting snagged when there casted lead drops between two large rocks most of these large rocks are to the left hand side of swim 1 and also not to forget the metal A frame the old railway line frame that is also in swim 1 on the far left hand side. But saying all this about swim1 it can still be a deadly swim if warm you just need alot of leads. The rest of the lake is now quite clear with no suprizes under the water that you cant see on top of the water lets hope this improves the loss rate. A big thankyou to Alan for all his hard work and well done on equaling your pb at 30lb and also to Lesley with a new pb of 27lb8oz uping her PB by a massive 13lb8oz and you still have plenty of time to increase them alot more yet.

A lively 35lb mirror and a 20lb wildie from swim6 margin

45lb carp margin fishing

Airport Pickups

As from April 2011 we at Carpquarry will be doing airport pickups.

We will have tackle package to hire and we will be doing 3 supermarket runs per week.The price, excluding flights, will be £375 per angler (£75 for non fishing guest) this includes a weeks fishing at Carpquarry with private bedroom and shared use of house,Hire of bivvy,bed,chair,rods,pod. All you have to bring is terminal tackle,reels and bite alarms/indicators.Also included will be airport pickup/drop off and supermarket runs.
These places will fly so be quick and get yourself booked in.

We will be doing pickups from Brest or Dinard some of the possible routes will be-

east midlands (EMA) to Dinard (DNR)
Stansted (STN)to Dinard (DNR)

Birmingham (BHX) to Brest (BES)
Edinburgh (EDI) to Brest (BES)
Glasgow(GLA) to Brest (BES)
Leeds Bradford (LBA) to Brest(BES)
Manchester (MAN) to Brest (BES)
Southampton (SOU) to Brest (BES)

Bulk Bait Package boilies & Carp pellet

We are now offering a bulk bait package made up of 2 x 2.5Kg bags of Ocean fresh boilies and a 25Kg sack of Carpquarry pellet for the great value price of £100 (120 euros) saving your group money. This can be purchased at the lake and paid for in cash pounds or euros.

Boilies Now Available At Carpquarry

We now have a range of Ocean Fresh boilies for sale at Carpquarry. We picked this range because they have protent soluble attractants for instant results without pre-baiting,they are a perfect diet formulation for our carp that also emits strong natural food signals and with Oceanfresh unique cooking and packing process they are preservative free for fresher taste that you also do not have to freeze.Perfect for use in low temperatures aswell as summer.
We are selling this range of top quality boilies at the UK RRP of £10 per Kilo(12 euros).Subject to availablity.

Shellfish B5 Plum 18mm 2.5kg bag £25.(30 euros)
Scopex squid & red robin 18 or 15mm 2.5Kg bags £25.(30 euros)
Peach & black pepper 18mm 2.5Kg bag £25.(30 euros)
Indian Spice 18mm 2.5Kg bag £25 (30 euros)
Pineapple & N,Butyric 18mm 1Kg bag £10.(12 euros)
SSRR popups Tub mixed sizes £5 (6 euros)

We will be feeding the fish with these baits so that they see them as a safe food source.
All baits can be purchased at the lake and paid for in cash euros or pounds.

Fishing tackle equipment hire

We have had many requests to hire beds and chairs as this can make the difference between bringing one or two cars on the ferry. You asked and we listened so now we have for hire 4 sets of JRC bedchairs and chairs.
Hire cost for a week
1 x Bedchair & 1 x Chair 20 euros
1 x Bedchair only 15 euros
1 x Chair only 10 euros
1 x Bivvie 25 euros
1 x Baitboat 70 euros
1 x Baitboat with echo 100 euros
3 x Rods and pod 40 euros

Must use and supplied free of charge are
Landing net, unhooking mat and sling.

Carp fishing holiday france a winter view 2009/10

Best carp fishing holidays now on You tube

44 lb Mirror Carp from Carpquarry

Well done to Dan who caught a new lake record with a Mirror Carp of 44lb.We know there are bigger fish so get yourself down to Carpquarry and get your name on the record board.

Carpquarry Carp Fishing Records

Mirror Carp 44 lb swim 1 Far side 10am 27/10/09 by Dan Awdas on Chilli Tuna Boilies
Common Carp 35lb7oz swim 5 Far side w/c14/7/12 by James on lake pellet and peach & black pepper boilie
Wild carp 20lb swim 6 close in by Gordon Lammie on Peach& black pepper boilies
Perch open qualifying weight 2 lb+
Trout open qualifying weight 3 lb+
Rudd open qualifying weight 2 lb+
Most Carp in a week by one angler, set at 17, on w/c 13/8/11 by Gareth from swim 5.Gareth fished less than 5 days and his best fish was a new PB for him at 39lb10oz.Also with 17 in a week is Rob Patchley.

We know there are bigger fish to be had get yourself to Carpquarry and get your name on the record board.

Siret number

Carpquarry is French reg company and the siret number for Carpquarry is 52002016500020

Stock levels and carp fishing tactics at Carpquarry

We have had lot of enquires about the amount of fish in the lake in winter 2008 we put in 120 carp from Neil a good friend of mine from mainly mirrors with the smallest at 23lb and the largest at 45lb with the average fish at 30lb So if you are a lake owner in France Neil is the guy to see with any problems or buying fish. This is in addition to the stock already in the lake we know that there are mirrors and commons and wildies but we are unsure about how big they are or how many but would think the total stock is around 200.Carpquarry is not a runs water due to the depth but it is one of the best small carp fisherys for large carp and most anglers land a 30lb plus carp on there holiday, The avearage fish for 2009 was just over 32lb.
We are asked for detailed stock so I have put together a list of fish / expected sizes for 2010 - 20 x 25-30lb, 70 x 30 - 35lb, 20 x 35 - 40lb and 10 x 40lb plus pushing 50lb in addition to this is the original stock.
There are also very nice Rudd, Perch and trout.Due to the depth of the lake if you come fishing at Carpquarry dont forget to have one rod close in 15ft max from bank under your feet big fish over 35lb have come out within 5ft of the edge mainly caught on a single boilie on a small bed of Carpquarry pellet.There are a couple of things that you want to avoid doing when fishing at Carpquarry as the lake is rock do not hammer in bivvy pegs/rod rests or stomp about the vibration from this will spook the fish and kill your fishing for a day or two, also there is no need to put in alot of bait by doing this it will only make the fishing harder little and often is better.We recommend that you use our baits as the fish are use to them but there is no problem in bringing your own but dont buy cheap baits you will not catch, get the highest quality bait that you can. There is no problem with particals as long as they are pre-made from a company like Dynamite baits. If you want any more tips or info please feel free to call me.
Good luck and look forward to welcoming you

Carpquarry Website

We hope you enjoy the website it contains all the info you need about staying and fishing at Carp Quarry. There's also a great gallery of the latest catches so feel free to send us your photos if you've recently stayed with us together with a catch report and tips.If there are other items or information that you would like to see on the website please call us and let us know or email